Full Service Wire Processing Provider


Whatever you need in regards to wire processing you´ve come to the right place. Under our roof we are in complete control from raw material to a finished high quality product. Pick and choose only the services you need – or take full advantage of our automated high capacity production chain.


True To Size

In our wire drawing facility we receive and prepare the raw steel wire for further processing. This includes grinding, drawing and straightening. We have the capacity to process ten thousand tonnes per year without sacrificing either precision or quality.


We use low-carbon steel wire graded to C4D and C9D. The raw wire is carefully grinded to remove impurities and iron oxide.


In a step by step process we reduce the diameter of the wire to between 2.0 – 6.0 mm. The finished wire is washed and wound on spool or customized coil.


Through straightening and cutting we are able to deliver production ready wire rods to specified dimensions.


High Wire Acrobatics

Practice makes perfect, as they say. Our expertise in the wire forming area comes from producing literally billions of garment hanger hooks in different variations. Shape, threading, chamfering, flanges – we look forward to the next challange.


Fit for fight

Even though the raw material is top notch no hero product is complete without both fitness and armour. In our case this means tempering and surface treatments that enhance both the material itself and the protective coating – the latter also providing countless options for colour and finish.

Material hardening and tempering

We use heat treatment to achieve the optimum combination of hardness, strenght and toughness for the intended use of the finished product. We also remove all traces of hydrogen to ensure a long product lifespan.

Surface coating and protection

For highly anti-corrosive properties we offer zinc plating ensured up to 400 hours in an ISO 9227 salt spray test. We also provide powder coating according to the entire RAL colour range as well as customized finishes.


Signed sealed and delivered

Great products deserve great delivery. To ensure this we offer several logistical services, each and everyone customizable to your specifications. All in all this makes for smooth and convenient business with no hiccups


We use automated sorting and calibration equipment to make sure everything is in tune and clearly marked.


We adapt the packaging to provide adequate product protection, efficient use of transport space and minimal effort for the recipient.


We offer rentable warehouse space to store your products for on demand delivery.


We take care of all details and arrangements for on time world wide delivery.

No rain on your parade

When it comes to quality and sustainability, we do not take chances. We work hard and carefully to ensure that everything we do meets and even exceeds the stated requirements. And in the long run, this always seems to pay off - through lasting customer relations.


We work continuously to both ensure and improve our quality. As proof of this we are fully certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.


As a supplier to several global corporations, we are experienced in providing detailed documentation on our production processes.


Our sustainability work includes extensive checks and analysis to ensure that we both meet and exceed regulations such as REACH, Heavy Metal or CoC.


We feature our own inhouse laboratory where we conduct extensive checks and analysis of our production processes.